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1 Enter the flux materials:

Flux 1 Flux 2 Flux 3 Flux 4 Flux 5 Flux 6

2 Enter colourants and opacifiers (and any other additives), if any:

Col/Op 1 Col/Op 2 Col/Op 3 Col/Op 4
Amount % % % %


The batch recipes for the 4 corner glazes A, B, C and D (1, 5, 31 and 35) will be displayed above the 35 recipes.


This page can be used to produce the recipes for the 35 glazes in one of the grid sets, including batch recipes for the 4 Corner Glazes used if preparing the set by volumetric blending. The method is explained in detail in "Revealing Glazes - Using the Grid Method" by Ian Currie. You can buy Ian Currie's books on glazes by credit card, cheque or money order at this website. Just click here. There is a brief explanation below the following diagram.

The glazes 1 to 35 are laid out on the grid tile as shown below...

For a given set of fluxes (which you choose) this method produces a wide set of alumina and silica values. This is one of the most useful experiments to do to explore the role of a particular set of fluxes.

We can either make up the glazes individually from the list of 35, or if we want all 35 glazes, it is easier to prepare them by Volumetric Blending. The batch recipes for the four corner glazes will be found at the top of the page after you click "Calculate Now".

Instructions to produce the 35 recipes (refer to the input boxes above):

1 Type the names of the flux materials into the boxes where it says "Name" under "Flux 1", "Flux 2", etc

Type in the amount of each flux material under its name. These proportions do not need to be entered as percentages.

Note: Do not enter kaolin (or ball clay) or silica (or quartz or flint). Once the 35 recipes have been generated by this calculator, you will find that kaolin and silica have been introduced to give a broad range of alumina and silica values, while keeping the flux set the same.

2 Type the names of any colouring oxides or opacifiers in the boxes that say "Col/Opac"

Type in the amount of colouring oxides and/or opacifiers under their name. This will show up in the final recipe table the same for each of the 35 glazes. The amounts must be entered as percentages. (If necessary, use the Percentage Calculator.)

3 Click on the "Calculate Now" button.

Any unneeded columns will be deleted, and the 35 glazes will be displayed including the amounts of kaolin and silica in each.

To buy Ian Currie's books just click here.